A. Foster
Gender: Male
Debut: Ninja Gaiden (NES)

Debuting in: Ninja Gaiden (NES)

One of the head honchos at the CIA's "Special Auxiliary Unit" and Irene Lew's immediate boss, A. Foster is a corrupt CIA agent obsessed with power, particularly demonic power. He attempts to coerce Ryu to fetch the Demon Statues for him in the first NES game. Foster shows his manipulative, ungrateful side when he orders Irene to assassinate Ryu and bring the statues back to him; not getting what he wants and with Ryu still alive, Foster shows up again in the third NES game (second chronologically) The Ancient Ship of Doom as the secondary antagonist, plotting his "Biohazard" plan. His goal is to create a race of super-beings, and is indirectly responsible for Irene's temporary death, which sets Ryu in full force against him. Unfortunately for Foster, H.P. Clancy double-crosses him at the last moment and is killed.