Ashtear Higgins
New character of the Ninja Gaiden 3.jpg
Race Human
Nationality 7066.png British
Gender Male
Relatives Theodore Higgins (grandson)
Cliff Higgins (grandson)
Saya (granddaughter-in-law, deceased)
Canna (great-granddaughter)
Professional Status
The Lords of Alchemy Insignia.jpg
Lords of Alchemy
Occupation Chairman of the LOA
Partner Cliff Higgins
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden 3
English Voice Jamie Alcroft
Please to meet you. I am the chairman of LOA. You may call me Ashtear.
~ Ashtear Higgins, "Chairman" and leader of the Lords of Alchemy.
I would expect nothing less, from a destroyer of lives!
~ Ashtear Higgins

Ashtear was the "Chairman" of the Lords of Alchemy or as they go by in public, the LOA. Ashtear is an evil madman skilled in the ways of alchemy, so much so that he can control the Grip of Murder, and is one of the antagonists of Ninja Gaiden 3.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Sending his grandson Cliff under the pretence of being a scientist for the JSDF, Ashtear, the head of the LOA conglomerate, sets off a terrorist attack in London, hoping to ensnare the Dragon clan's Ryu Hayabusa in order to bring him to his death. But when Cliff said that they needed his blood for their project's success, Ashtear lets the ninja live. Aware of Canna's potential, he sends Cliff to retrieve her. But Ryu follows him to the icy plains of Antarctica, where Ashtear meets Ryu for the first time. He reveals that their true objective was Ryu's blood, which is the blood of the Dragon God flowing through the veins of the Hayabusa heirs. Ashtear then leaves with Cliff while Ryu fights his demonic clone. Boarding a jet, they head for the US first fleet, the Black Narwhal, in the Polynesia Sea.

Ashtear takes on a robotic form and fights Hayabusa.

As soon as Ryu laid waste to the alchemists and soldiers in his way, Ashtear goes head to head with the Dragon Ninja, transforming into a robotic monster. Despite all his power he is killed by Ryu in the end. When Canna takes on her form as the Goddess, the Black Narwhal is torn apart, and Ashtear sinks into the ocean.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Alchemy Robot Ashtear used to fight Ryu looks extremely similar to some models of Zoids, one of Japan's famous robot model toys.
  • Even though he told Ryu his name, Ashtear is listed simply as "LOA Chairman" in the official site and strategy guide.
  • When fighting the Alchemy Robot in Chapter Challenge, the battle ends after destroying it's arms, unlike in Story Mode where it ends after defeating its flying form.
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