BIO-NOID Doppelgänger
Nationality N/A
Gender Male (ostensibly)
Height Same as Ryu Hayabusa
Relatives Ryu Hayabusa (Biological template)
Professional Status
Affiliation Foster
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
Japanese Voice n/a
English Voice n/a

The BIO-NOID Doppelgänger was a BIO-NOID copy of Ryu Hayabusa brought to life trough the use of Life Energy from the seam between dimensions caused when The Demon was defeated for the first time.[1] This was according to the Biohazard plan that A. Foster and H. P. Clancy implemented.[1]


The BIO-NOID appears in his normal form as identical to Ryu, down to his voice and face.

In his first mutated form he appears as a tall, monstrous man with dark blue skin and ninja-like appearance.

In his final mutated form he appears as monstrous beast with three heads.



Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomEdit

The BIO-NOID seemingly killed Irene Lew while she was on a mission called Cardinal. Due to this, Ryu was accused of murdering her.[2]

Once Ryu was on his way to Castle Rock Fortress, he met the BIO-NOID. After a quick clash, it seemed that the BIO-NOID was victorious. However, he claimed that he couldn't finish him off as he was ordered by Foster to not "elminate" Ryu yet. He confirmed the importance of Castle Rock Fortress and claimed to have killed Irene, then escaped.

Once Ryu arrived at Castle Rock, he found Foster and the BIO-NOID. As the BIO-NOID prepared to attack, Irene appeared and attacked it, forcing it to transform into a stronger form, making Irene's guns useless. The BIO-NOID was defeated and killed in the ensuing battle with Hayabusa.

However once Ryu entered Subspace, he once again found himself fighting the BIO-NOID brought back to life by the Life Energy, transmuted into a monstrous form. It was there where it was finally struck down for good by Ryu.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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