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Black Dragon
Dark dragon.jpg
Race: Fiend (Dragon)
Rank: Elizébet's Pet Dragon
Debut: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Black Dragon (黒龍 Koko-Ryu; Black Dragon) is one of the Dragon pets of Elizébet, along with the Quetzalcoatl, one of which she was seen riding on. Elizébet summons the Black Dragon to battle Ryu Hayabusa, as Ryu made his way through the Amazon rainforest. The Black Dragon may be one of the Black Dragons spawned by the Dark Dragon, many souls of which dwell inside the Dark Dragon Blade. There is another suggestion that Elizébet created the Black Dragon spawn from the blood of the slain Dark Dragon.


A quadrupedal black dragon with wings and yellow orange markings on its sides where flames spew out. Large but significantly smaller than the Dark Dragon and the Flame Dragon.

Abilities and Powers[]

Fire Breath: Charging himself up with flames spewing out of him, the Black Dragon breathes fire upon his enemies.

Fireball: From a distance, The Black Dragon will spit a flurry of fireballs at his enemies.

Ground Slam: The Black Dragon jumps up high in the air and slams down hard onto the ground.

Melee: His melee attacks are tail whips and leg swipes.

Flight: Like many Dragons, he is able to fly by flapping his wings.

Fire Trail: He is able to quickly glide to another location, creating a fire trail on the ground which can hurt the player.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2[]

Summoned by Elizébet, the new Black Dragon was sent to kill Ryu so that Elizébet could take the Demon Statue to Dagra Dai, the Infernal High Priest. The vengeful beast attacked the Dragon Ninja with murderous rage, but lost in the end. Ryu watched as the Black Dragon drew its final breath.

Black Dragon being Obliterated by Ryu Hayabusa.


Attack his legs while dodging them when he leans up to swipe at you. Eventually his health will drop to 50% and he will collapse, use the obliteration technique to cut off his tail, and then repeat attacks on him until he collapses again, finish him off with an obliteration technique. Overall he is an easy boss.