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Bloody Malth
Race: Human
Nationality: North Europe
Gender: Male
Rank: Leader of the Malice Four.
Occupation: Jaquio's soldier.
Debut: Ninja Gaiden

Bloody Malth (ブラディマルス Buradi Marusu or Bloody Malus) is the leader of the Malice Four and one of the Jaquio's loyal servants. His powers are immense, so much so that he managed to defeat Jô Hayabusa in a one on one fight.


An enigma to all who come into contact with him, his past is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that he descends from a cursed European clan of warriors whom every generation inherits two artefacts of evil; the "Iron Mask of Blood" and the "Shield of Death". As a child he studied the Oriental philosophies and the Japanese martial arts, including the ways of Ninjutsu, becoming a shinobi master of frightening power. With his cursed artefacts he gained the name Bloody Malth (an erroneous transliteration from the Japanese "Marusu", meaning Malus, the Latin term for evil), and his power gained the attention of a man named Guardia de Mieux, earning him a place as master of de Mieux's villainous elite of warriors; the Malice Four.


Ninja Gaiden[]

Under the commands of the Jaquio, Malth was sent to find and defeat Jô Hayabusa, head of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan, a branch of the Dragon Lineage. The two battle on a moonlit night and Malth defeats Jô in one strike. Later, Jô's son, Ryu Hayabusa tracks him down to Jaquio's lair. He traps the Dragon Ninja at the Cliffs of Execution, where he reveals that he is the one who fought Ryu's father and clashes with the young Hayabusa. He falls to the Dragon Ninja, who accuses him of killing the elder Hayabusa. Malth says that while he may have done many misdeeds, he did not kill Jo Hayabusa. Ryu yells "Lair!", to which Malth calmly replies "No, it is not a lie, your father is alive", but warns that if Ryu continues, "it will be the last thing he will ever see", before dying. Later, when Ryu sees that his father has been brainwashed and transformed into "the Masked Devil", he says to himself "so this is my destiny. Malth was telling the truth."