Race: Human
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Gender: Male
Title: New York's Lord of Evil
Rank: Lieutenant of the Malice Four
Occupation: Servant of the Jaquio
Debut: Ninja Ryukenden (NES)

Bomberhead is one of the Jaquio's servants, and is second-in-command of the Malice Four.


Born in the rough streets of the South Bronx, Bomberhead had a brutal childhood. This traumatizing experience led him to a life of crime and injustice. As the years passed he grew more and more feared until he gained his rightful place as New York's Lord of Evil. Recently he's been on hiatus from this job, acting as one of the Jaquio's servants.

Ninja GaidenEdit

Summoned to serve Jaquio, Bomberhead intercepts Ryu at Amura Altar. The maniacal villain attacks the Dragon Ninja, but is no match for Hayabusa's superior speed and intelligence. Despite his skills with a chain and sickle, he falls to the might of the Dragon Sword, allowing the Dragon Ninja to escape and find Walter Smith.



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