Strength Medium
Speed Medium (Rate of Fire)
Range Long
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

The Bow is a long range projectile weapon, used by many characters in the Ninja Gaiden series. It is found in the Hayabusa village on the second floor of the armory, and used as a quick way to knock cavalry samurai off their horses. In the hands of a skilled Ninja, this weapon is able to match modern firearms in both range and fire power, but excels in steath since it makes no noise. The Bow is only limited in strength at long distances, this is not a problem later in the game when the Bow is swapped for the Strong Bow.


Ninja GaidenEdit

A typical bow. As a projectile weapon that makes no sound, it has an advantage over firearms.

Arrow TypesEdit

There are three types of arrows in Ninja Gaiden, each with a different property. The basic arrow is used for the majority of the early game, while the other two are not available until the military installation. Arrows are limited to the amount of 15 arrows for each type, but can be replenished either by buying them from Muramasa or finding them in chests, crates and on the corpses of dead ninjas.

  • Arrow: Basic arrow with a pointed arrowhead used for piecing targets.
  • Explosive Arrow: An arrow with an explosive tip, exploding upon impact, useful against exposed targets such as Vigoorian soldiers manning machine gun turrets.
  • APFSDS Core Arrow: Or Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot Core Arrow, this arrow is made from heavy tungsten material, giving it superb penetration capability, useful against armoured vehicles such as Tanks and Helicopters.

Arrow CapacityEdit

Ryu is able to carry 15 of each type of Arrow, for a total of 45 arrows.


  • Medium-fast cooldown, typically 1-2 arrow per second rate of fire.
  • Versatile when armed with many different arrow types.
  • Great for knocking calvary off their horses.


  • Not as powerful as the Strongbow.
  • Bosses usually deflect it.


  • Holding down the B or O buttons will allow you to wind back the bow, resulting in more distance and power.
  • Use the Right shoulder or R1 button to adjust the zoom, this proves useful when sniping.
  • The arrow will always shoot just above the tip, this is improved in NGII/NGS2 where a red dot/crosshair appears to guide the player.
  • Ryu will automatically aim if you don't go into aiming mode, this allows the bow to be integrated into combos.