Race: Fiend
Rank: Lord of the Vampire Fiends
English Voice: Graham McTavish
Japanese Voice: Masaharu Sato
Debut: The Vampire War

Crimson is a powerful Vampire fiend featured in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's prologue comic book: The Vampire War, drawn and written by Team Ninja.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Flight: In the comic the Vampire is seen flying numerous times.

Superhuman Hearing: A superior sense of hearing allows him to see and thrive in darkness.

Wave Beam: An attack where the Vampire sends out a psionic wave beam at its enemy.

Blood Drink: The ability for the Vampire to suck blood from its victim, regenerating it's wounds and making it stronger.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: The Vampire WarEdit

The comic starts off with Jô Hayabusa squaring off with the Vampire Lord Crimson, the Vampire telling Jô how much he can see Jô clearly. Shouting "I got you!" Crimson blasts a wave beam from his hand while flying off into the sky, Jô dodges the wave beam and flying bird flips up the sides of two buildings until he reaches the Vampire, in the sky Jô stabs the Vampire through the torso with his sword and Izuna Drops the Fiend, smashing into a car below. Crimson gets up and gloats "It'll take more than that to finish me" while rushing at Jô, biting into his shoulder and drinking his blood. Then suddenly a shuriken strikes the Vampire in the head and out of the shadow Jô's son Ryu Hayabusa appears. Crimson delightedly mocks "You finally show your face young dragon ninja" and throws the shuriken back at Ryu, but it is easily deflected. While shouting "Return to the darkness that spawned you" Ryu rushes in and slashes the Vampire multiple times with his Dragon Sword, followed by a Guillotine Throw that sends Crimson into a building, which collapses from the impact. But the Vampire Fiend Lord then explodes out of the rubble and blasts a huge wave beam at Ryu. Jô seeing the threat pushes his son out of the way and takes the full force of the wave attack, but is unharmed due to the Eye of the Dragon he carried with him. The Eye of the Dragon then shimmers with a huge light, blinding and weakening Crimson. In the next moment, Jô shouts "Now!" to signal his son, Ryu then lunges at Crimson in mid air, slicing him in half, slaying the Vampire who vaporizes upon death, leaving behind only his blood red garb.

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