Cyber Arm
The Cyber Arm
Strength High
Speed Medium/High
Range Low/High
First Appearance
Debut Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Yaiba Kamikaze's cybernetic arm, called the Cyber Arm in-game, is Yaiba's prosthetic arm, replacing his left arm lost to Ryu Hayabusa. It acts as one of his main weapons during his attempts to hunt down Hayabusa. It was designed and installed by Forge Industries scientist, "Monday."


This cybernetic arm is a fearsome design. It is larger than Yaiba's remaining arm in width, made of an extremely strong metal allowing it's user to smash through the hard materials such as concrete and steel. The shoulder plate bears the "Kaze" kanji in illuminated red. It is attached to what is left of Yaiba's left arm socket, and strong steel plating acts as his shoulder. Given Yaiba's actions in the game, the arm is proven to be firmly attached.

The arm features a maneuverable metal fist which is detachable and usable as a flail, with the fist acting as the flail itself attached at the end of a strong graphite polymer chain, allowing Yaiba to smash his enemies at long distances as well as draw them closer for a finisher. The forearm also has two folding blades that fold outward: a cutting and stabbing "hidden" blade.


This cybernetic arm is designed by Monday, and installed onto Yaiba after he lost his arm against Ryu Hayabusa. According to her own claims, it may be a patented design.

Yaiba uses this arm against countless zombies, Ryu Hayabusa himself, and then against Alarico del Gonzo; the owner of Forge Industries.