Dabilahro Lv3
Strength Very High
Speed Low
Range High
Maximum Level 3
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Dabilahro is a large sword used by Elite Knights of the Vigoorian Empire known as Vigoorian Berserkers. Generally it weighs about 100 lbs, making it difficult to wield. Due to the weight of the Dabilahro, Ryu Hayabusa gets knocked off balance swinging it from time to time, on the other hand it does immense damage, and can be used to as a blunt weapon to crush boulders. You can get it from Muramasa by exchanging Scarabs for it, the amount of Scarabs depends on the difficulty, 20 Scarabs for normal.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • High damage, one of the strongest weapons in the game.
  • Effective against large enemies, especially bosses.
  • More likely to cause a stun effect on enemies. Will even send smaller enemies flying.
  • Deadly when using Counter Attack and Flaming Hell slash
  • Fast and efficient when chaining Ultimate Techniques.


  • Feels slow and clunky for new players.
  • Not as effective on small fast enemies unless using Counter Attack.
  • Some moves puts Ryu off balance, leaving him open to attacks.
  • Small move list.
Dabilahro ulti

Ryu using the Dabilahro's Asura Slash in NGS

Move ListEdit


Level 1


  • Destroyer of Armies: X, X, X, X
  • Whirling Empire Blade (Lvl 3): X, X, X, X, X
  • Flaming Hell Slash (Lvl 3): X, X, X, X, X, Y
  • Flaming Hell Slash: X, X, X, X, Y
  • Flaming Hell Slash (Not shown in move list): X, X, Y
  • Flaming Hell Slash (Not shown in move list): X, X, X, Y
  • Gleam of Heaven and Earth: X, Y
  • Inferno Slash: Y
  • Purgatory Slash: Hold Y
  • Hundred Demons Blade: Hold Y (Ultimate Technique)
  • Asura Slash: Hold Y (Ultimate Technique, 2 Essences)
  • Flaming Inferno: Right, X
  • Flaming Whirlwind: Right, Y
  • Earth Slide: While Running X
  • Thunderclap Kick: While Running Y
  • Reigning Spiral (Scroll): While Blocking X or Y
  • Hundred Man Slash (Lvl 2): Circle, Y
  • Corpse Crusher: Next to Downed Enemy Y

While Jumping

  • Foot Crusher: X or Y
  • Guillotine Throw (Throw/Bought): Near an Enemy Y

On Wall

  • Thunderous Blade: On Wall X or Y
  • Raging Thunderous Blade: During Flying Bird Flip X or Y

In Water

  • Aqua Thrust: Floating on Surface X or Y
  • Water Formation Kick: Underwater X or Y


  • In the Xbox Version the UT Color is red but in Sigma it's blue.
  • Like the Dragon Sword's Windmill Slash, Dabilaro's Flaming Inferno can connect with a combo such as all versions of Flaming Hell Slash.
  • The Dabilahro's name is likely derived from the Arabic term Dhabīḥah, which means slaughter.