The Demon Statue

The Demon Statue

The Demon Statue (邪神像;Jashinzou; Evil Deity Statue) is one of a set of demonic artefacts found and guarded by the Dragon Lineage.


Ninja Gaiden SigmaEdit

One of the statues was used as part of a locking mechanism to the Vigoor Emperor's palace.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2Edit

Long ago, the Archfiend Vazdah was defeated by the Dragon Ninjas of old. To insure he would remain trapped in the depths of Hell, they used one of the Demon Statues to act as the talisman of Mount Fuji, imprisoning him in a weakened body, and guarded vigilantly by the Hayabusa Ninja Clan. But Genshin and the Black Spider Ninjas stole the statue and the artefact was used by the nefarious Order of the Necromantale to resurrect the Archfiend.

Ninja GaidenEdit

The demons statues are a set that is said to contain the split essences of The Demon that was sealed by the Dragon Ninja. After Ryu Hayabusa goes to visit his father's acquaintance Dr. Smith, the Statue is stolen by some unknown thief and Smith is murdered. It turns out the statue was stolen by Guardia de Meux, the self-proclaimed Jaquio. when the two statues were reunited in a temple during a Lunar Eclipse in the Jaquio's ritual, the Demon was unleashed, but was defeated by Ryu. After escaping the collapsing shrine, Ryu took the twin demon statues. Their status after this is unknown.