NG2S Items Devils Way Mushroom
Effect Recovers 1 Ki Charge
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden II

A new item introduced in Ninja Gaiden II, it replaces Devil Elixirs from Ninja Gaiden. These mushrooms restore one Ki slot, refilling its flame. The player character is able to carry up to 3 of these at a time. Muramasa will have these in stock at his shop and they can often be found during levels when you are running low.

It is said that these mushrooms are highly toxic and poisonous, and will kill someone who eats them within seconds, if they're not strong enough to withstand them. If they are able to, a large surge of energy(Ki, in the case of the game, and one slot) is granted to the consumer. It is also said that if someone eats too much of the mushroom, they'll get very bad diarriea.

Description Edit

Quoted from the game: "Devil Way Mushroom: A mushroom that contains a large amount of a substance known to replenish Ki, the essence of Ninpo.

It grows on wild cliffs in remote mountain areas that are extremely difficult to reach. Most specimens are gathered by followers of Shugendo when on pilgrimages to mountainous regions. The mushroom is rich in alkaloids that are poisonous to most people, but those tenacious enough to have developed a tolerance to it prize its Ki-regenerating properties. Strangely enough, those who consume the mushroom claim that it is quite delicious."