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The Shrine Maidens Kureha and Momiji.

Dragon Shrine Maiden (龍の巫女; Ryuu no Miko;Shrine Maiden of the Dragons) is the guardian of the Eye of the Dragon.


Long ago, during the time of the Ancients, the Dark Dragon rampaged across the land bringing despair and chaos to the world allowing the Evil Deities and the Fiends to thrive.

With their strength drained by the Dark Dragon's evil, the twelve Earth Dragons placed their faith in the humans under their care, in the form of one of their own fangs, imbued with their essence and power. And from one of their gemlike eyes, the Eye of the Dragon a Magatama jewel was carved out, housing the immortal souls of the dragons within it. With these blessed treasures the exalted blade of the dragons was born and with it, the Dark Dragon had been slain and the Evil Deities locked away in the depths of the Underworld for all time. From then on they would be known as the Dragon Clan.

After the defeat of the Dark Dragon, it was apparent that the Dragon Sword's true power would destroy the world if allowed to exist too long, and so to keep it safe, the sword and gem were held in separate locations; the sword would be held by the warrior and his descendants who would become known as the Dragon Ninja, and the Eye would be watched over by the priestess of the Dragon Clan, known today as the Dragon Shrine Maiden.

Since time immemorial it has been the duty of every generation of Dragon Shrine Maidens to guard the Eye at all times, sometimes worn around her neck to keep with her at all times. Kureha and Momiji are the last ones who carry on the tradition.


  • Before her death Kureha wore the Eye around her neck in a talisman.
  • But as for Momiji, she by some unknown means merged the Eye with her soul in order to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Momiji's status as a Dragon Shrine Maiden was referenced in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation during Lobelia's rock climbing event, as Momiji mentions her status as such while implying that rock climbing had been part of training for that job.