Enma's Fang
Level 3 Enma's Fang
Strength High
Speed Medium
Range High
Maximum Level 3
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden Sigma II

Enma's Fang (破砕牙閻魔, Haisaiga Enma; Crushing Fang "Enma") is a weapon used by Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Next to the Dragon Sword and the Eclipse Scythe, this is the third most powerful weapon in the game. It can be found on Chapter 4.

History Edit

A massively powerful longsword capable of pulverizing enemies. The blade's unusual luster is reminiscent of fine stoneware. But in reality it is actually metal, expertly forged and worked. Metallurgical analysis reveals that the crystalline matrix of the blade actually becomes harder in the presence of blood. Shunned for this unsettling characteristic and its fearsome appearance, it slumbered for long years in the treasure vault of a certain royal family until it was discovered by a Japanese swordsmith, who rechristened it Enma, after the Ruler of the Underworld. Some say the swordsmith was none other than Muramasa himself, although if asked, he obliquely replies that his memory isn't quite what it used to be.

Moves ListEdit

Enma's Fang Lv2

Ryu crippling a fiend with Enma's Fang

Level 1 Techniques

  • Shattering Crucible: S, S, S, S, S
  • Bronco Smash: T, T
  • Karma Cut: S, S, T
  • Nirvana Verse: S, S, S, T
  • Roaring Thunder: S, T, T
  • Hades Drop: S, T, S, S, S
  • Izuna Drop: S, T, S, S, T
  • Stone Grinder: Forward + S
  • Skullplaner: Forward + T
  • Around the Six Realms: Circle T
  • Rashomon: Hold T
  • Crimson Hellfire: Hold T (Essence Technique)
  • Eternal Hellfire: Hold T (Ultimate Technique)

Level 2 Techniques

  • Wailing Demon Cut: T, T, T
  • Thunder Slice: S, S, S, S, T
  • Deep Red: Forward + S, S
  • Death's Shadow: S, S, Forward + S
  • Reverse Twist: S, S, Forward + S, S

Level 3 Techniques

  • Whirlwind Slash: S, S, T, T
  • Broken Reincarnation: S, S, S, S, S, T
  • Fireball: Forward + S, S, S
  • Conflagrance: T, T, Forward + T
  • Timbersword: T, T, Forward + T, T

Note that for PS3 consoles S = Square, T = Triangle


Enma's Fang Crimson Hellfire

Enma's Fang executing the Crimson Hellfire technique

Ryu Hayabusa's skill is constant proof of his status as a "Super Ninja." During the Dark Dragon Blade Incident, Ryu was barely able to keep his balance whilst swinging the massive Dabilahro, and was kept grounded by its overly heavy mass. However, a year later, when he acquired the Enma's Fang, he was capable of knocking enemies into the air and catching them in an Izuna Otoshi. This is an incredible feat, as the Enma's Fang is by no means a small sword and the way Ryu can simply swing it around is an absolute credit to his constantly growing power.


  • This is the second heavy weapon that has a fighting stance, which the heavy weapons usually do not have.
  • Enma's Fang, like the Eclipse Scythe, has an elemental-controlling Ultimate Technique; in this case, control over large amounts of crimson flames.