The dragon's eye

The treasured stone of the Dragon Clan; The Eye of the Dragon

The Eye of the Dragon (龍の勾玉 Ryuu no Magatama; Jewel of the Dragon) is an enchanted Magatama jewel that is said to hold the spirit of a mighty dragon. When the Dragon Sword was created, the 12 dragons who imbued the sword with their essence allowed the Dragon Lineage to carve a magatama jewel out of one of their crystal-like eyes. This magatama became known as the Eye of the Dragon. Whenever the Eye is fitted into the Dragon Sword's hilt, the true power of the sword is revealed, as the essence of souls of the Dragon Gods are awakened, making the sword brim with divine power. Only with this can the Dragon Sword manifest its full power, becoming the Shin Ryuken; the True Dragon Sword. The jewel has been protected by the Shrine Maidens since the Age of the Dragons, and is the most sacred treasure of the Dragon Lineage.

Kureha was once the protector until her death at the hands of Doku. The duty of the jewel's protection has since passed on to her younger sister, Momiji.


Trivia Edit

  • Because the Eye contains the spirit of the Dragon God from which it came, it can also find its way to the Dragon Sword.
  • Only with this can the Ryuken awaken to its true power.
  • Every time Ryu stops using the True Dragon Sword, he replaces it back on Kureha's gravestone.
  • Because of the power of the True Dragon Sword being a threat to the balance of the world, it is customary to seperate the two from each other to even them out.
  • As the new guardian of the eye, Momiji wears it around her neck at all times.