NG2S Equipment Ryu Ranged FiendsBaneBow 1b
Strength Medium/High
Speed Medium (Rate of Fire)
Range Long
Maximum Level N/A
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden II

The Fiend's Bane Bow is the bow featured in Ninja Gaiden II, used as the main projectile weapon against ranged enemies. Unlike the Bow from Ninja Gaiden, the Fiend's Bane Bow can charge an Ultimate Technique. It can be shot in mid air like in Ninja Gaiden Sigma.


In-game description:

"A powerful bow with carvings of twin dragons. The silent nature of the bow makes it an indispensable weapon for Ninja due to their propensity of covert operations. The Fiend’s Bane Bow, developed in the Hayabusa Village, is a state-of-the-art compound bow based on traditional eastern design. Its accuracy rivals that of a modern rifle. Made primarily from high tensile strength carbon fiber, the bow’s projectile range and velocity are unequaled despite its light weight. Against a human target, it is easily accurate to 500 meters, and its arrows are capable of penetrating 40-millimeter bulletproof armor plating."

The arrows for the Bow are also of a unique make. "A unique type of Japanese-style arrow preferred by certain ninja. The bulb on the arrow shaft creates a disruption in the flow of air around the arrow as it flies, producing a whistling sound that disrupts the senses of any evil being in the vicinity. Another important characteristic of the arrow is its two-pronged head, which tears through the flesh of its target instead of simply piercing it."



  • Damage: Medium-High
  • Range: Long
  • Speed: Medium
  • Ammo Supply: 30 Arrows


  • It is no longer UT/Essence chargeable in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, as the Howling Cannon has taken over the role of heavy projectile. This is compensated by unlimited ammo.
  • The bow design appears to be that of a modern compound bow using a cam and pulley system.
  • The two-pronged arrows are Japanese karimata arrowheads, which were used in battle and for hunting large game. Also referred to as "rope-cutter" arrowheads.