Funky Dynamite
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Funky Dynamite

Race: Mutant Lizard/Cyborg
Gender: Male
Title: Experiment
Rank: Lieutenant in the Chaos Tribesmen
Debut: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

Funky Dynamite (ファンキー・ダイナマイト Fankii Dainamaito) is the third boss from Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos. He is encountered at the top of the Lahja Tower in Act 3-2. He usually flies through the air making the Art of Flying Firewheel effective on him, he also lands when struck, this can be exploited through the use of a Shadow Doppelganger.


A lizard mutant creature encased in cybernetic armor and equipment.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Flight: The ability of flight gained through the use of a jet propulsion pack.

Plasma Blast: A small energy ball shot out of Funky Dynamite's arm cannon.

Firebomb: When injured Funky Dynamite will land and launch firebombs into the air that will land all around him.


Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos: Originally a commodore lizard, Ashtar used his dark powers to mutate the lizard making it grow to an incredible size. Through further experimentation with technology Ashtar implanted this mutant lizard with robotic prosthetic limbs, giving it the ability to fly and to launch volleys of plasma balls. Once completed the creature became known as Funky Dynamite.

With his CIA agent girlfriend Irene taken hostage at the top of the Tower of Lahja, Ryu Hayabusa fought his way through pitch blackness to reach the tower's gates. Inside hordes of Ashtar's minion would attempt to kill Ryu as he continued his onslaught towards the top of the tower to save his girlfriend.

At the top of the Lahja Tower Ryu squared off against Funky Dynamite. With the advantage of his rocket propulsion jet pack, Funky Dynamite flew gracefully through the air firing shots of plasma blast at the Ninja Dragon. To even the playing fields Ryu used the pillars to launch aerial Dragon Sword strikes at the mutant lizard, as well as utilizing his Art of Flying Firewheel knocking Funky Dynamite down onto the ground. On the ground the robotic lizard launched many firebombs into the air, falling all around the two combatants as Ryu launched his counterattack from the ground. However, after Ryu Hayabusa slashed Funky Dynamite he found out that Funky Dynamite was immune to all attacks while earthbound, all Funky Dynamite did was fly back into the air unscathed by the Dragon Sword.

In the midst of battle Ryu realized a glitch in Funky Dynamite's system, exploiting this weakness Ryu summoned a Shadow Doppelganger of himself to stand on the ground while he stood on top of the pillar. As Funky Dynamite flew by Ryu struck the mutant lizard, injuring and forcing him onto the ground where Ryu's Shadow struck at him again forcing Funky Dynamite back into the air with no chance to retaliate. Ryu and his Shadow Doppelganger would alternatively strike at Funky Dynamite until he was no more.



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