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Race Deity
Rank Supreme Deity
Relatives Vigoor (Indirect Offspring)
Serpent (Offspring)
Devil (Offspring)
Wolf (Offspring)
Raptor (Offspring)
Divine Dragons (Indirect Offspring)
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden

Gurdu is the creator deity in the Ninja Gaiden series, he is mentioned in the series' backstory relating to the creation of the universe.


In the beginning there was a great void of emptiness, then flowed a small inconsistency in the nothing; a non existent afraid of its own non existence.[1] Eventually this inconsistency sprang out other incongruent forms, and they would all coalesced to form Gurdu, the first Deity.[2]

Through Gurdu came the creation of the universe; all the energy and matter within it, as Gurdu also gave them function and order from out of the chaos and disorder.[3] Now Gurdu's universe was in an ideal harmonic state and would be for a long time.

However out in a remote area, far from where Gurdu had organized energy and matter with laws of physics, existed a territory of chaos, forgotten by Gurdu after the creation. In this area of chaos formed an instinctual fear, over many aeons it began to take shape and form into a consciousness.[4] At first this consciousness was just a small envious presence, but as it grew it became a Hatred, which in turn introduced hate and evil into the universe.[5] Thriving in the chaos region, this Hatred evolved and grew further, until it reached the level of a Deity. From this point on, it would be known as The Demon, Vigoor: Deity of Destruction, first Evil Deity and ancestor of all Evil Deities.[6]

In this first conflict between good and evil, Vigoor had begun to devour Gurdu's universe of law and order, including the territory containing earth, recreating these territories into twisted chaotic worlds. During this time the earth became a hellish world, as endless solar and lunar eclipses blackened the skies. The earth constantly shook and split, vortexes filled the skies, seas dried up only to flood into existence again as intense winds swept everything. The evil fires burned down all of existence, even ignoring the concept of time.[7]

Gurdu lost strength and weakened as Vigoor destroyed Gurdu's territories of order and function. Eventually this unending destruction of Gurdu's creation became too much, causing Gurdu's body to split into four parts. With each part becoming a Deity itself, and each one controlling one of the four functions of Sentiment, Wisdom, Immorality and Creation.[8]

The Deity controlling Sentiment would later be known as Raptor, while the Deity controlling Wisdom would be known as Wolf, the Deity controlling Immorality would be later known as Devil, and the Deity controlling Creation would come to be known as Serpent. Eventually they would all come together and restore the world with function and order, as their parent Gurdu had previously done before them.[9]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Omnificence: Gurdu has a near-unlimited power being able to create an entire universe and through it's "offspring", life.


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