New to Ninja Gaiden II, the Herb of spiritual Life replaces the elixir from the previous Ninja Gaiden. It restores a small amount of health. They can be found in chests or bought at Muramasa's Shop for 2000 yellow essence on Path of the Acolyte difficulty and 3000 yellow essence in Path of the Warrior difficulty.

Description Edit

Herb of Spiritual Life: A dried medicinal herb that has remarkable healing properties. The Herb of Spiritual Life appears to be related to the Yartsa Gunbu, or caterpillar fungus, but it is much rarer and boasts instant efficacy. The herb does not grow as a parasite on insects like the caterpillar fungus, but little else is known about its life cycle. Although distilled elixirs of the herb's extract are available on the marked in limited quantities, dried specimens of the full herb are much more effective.
NG2 2S Render Item Herb

NG2: Herb Of Spiritual Life