Kamikaze Ninja Clan

Kamikaze clan crest

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Known Members
Yaiba Kamikaze (Heir/Rouge Ninja)
Yuki Kamikaze (Heir/deceased)
Yaiba's Father (Clan Leader/deceased)
Clan Elders (Deceased)

The Kamikaze Ninja Clan (神風一族; Divine Wind Clan) is a clan of ninja said to be descended from Yohko or Kitsune Spirits (妖狐; Fox spirits). Similar to other ninja clans, they lived in a small village. Compared to the more prosperous Hayabusa and Mugen Tenshin ninja clans, it was lowly populated and had few facilities. It was eventually wiped out by the heir for leadership, Yaiba Kamikaze, as a result of a family dispute gone horridly awry. After a quarrel that resulted in Yuki's death, Yaiba attempted to use a forbidden art to save her, but his effort was thwarted by his father, who decapitated her corpse to keep him from doing so. This would lead to Yaiba going mad with rage and hate, and he not only slaughtered his father and elders, he brought them back to spite them, and from then on, the Kamikaze was dishonored, and is now no more.

Traditions and CultureEdit

The Kamikaze clan like many other ninja clans placed a value on honor, viewing death, even an accidental one, as honorable in spite of having the means to bring back the dead.

Because of this, the use of a forbidden art to revive the dead is heavily frowned upon by the Kamikaze clan, as it was considered a huge dishonor to their kin to be revived back to the mortal plane when they were already dead.

Notable AbilitiesEdit

Based from their kitsune descent, the clan's Ninpo was based on illusions to scare off intruders. A forbidden Ninpo their village keeps allows the user to bring back the dead. However, due to the clan looking down on revival from the dead it was never used, until Yaiba took it.