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Ninja Gaiden Shadow
Developer Natsume
Publisher Tecmo
Platform Game Boy
Release date JPDecember 13, 1991
NADecember, 1991
Genre Action Platformer
Mode Single player
Media Cartridge
Input methods Control pad

Ninja Gaiden Shadow, known as Ninja Ryūkenden GB Matenrō Kessen (忍者龍剣伝GB 摩天楼決戦? lit. "Legend of the Ninja Dragon Sword GB: Skyscraper Decisive Battle") in Japan and Shadow Warriors in the PAL region, is an action game released for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1991 by Tecmo. It stars Ryu Hayabusa and is part of the Ninja Gaiden series. The game is often believed to be a licensed edit of Shadow of the Ninja, a proposed Natsume ninja game that Tecmo altered the game to fit in with the Ninja Gaiden console trilogy.


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Three years before the Jaquio rose to power, a dictator calling himself Emperor Garuda rises with an army. On a dark stormy night, they waste no time and quickly capture New York city. With the aid of a katana and a grappling hook, a young Ryu Hayabusa took it upon himself to stop this dictator. As he scaled the skyscrapers, battling robots, he destroys their leader, the Cyborg Spider. Searching the city, Ryu encounters the kick boxing champion Gregory and his smaller manager Jack, working for Garuda. They attempted to stop Ryu, but to no avail and so were defeated in battle.

Following the trail of minions and robots, Ryu began encountering the military portion of Emperor Garuda's forces, quickly dispatching them and their leader, former military commander Colonel Allen. In desperation, Garuda unleashed his ninja upon Ryu, but that proved ineffective, as Ryu defeated each ninja that went up against him. Making his way through the deadly traps and minions, Ryu came face to face with the Master Ninja, Nobleman Fūkisai. It was a hard fought battle, but Ryu killed the levitating ninja, freeing his path to Garuda himself.

In the final show down, Garuda would attempt to use his magical abilities against Ryu, flying and discharging bolts from his hand, then, in desperation, transforming into a deadly biometal being. In the aftermath, Ryu succeeds in killing Garuda, ending the emperor's reign.


Ninja Gaiden Shadow was originally planned to be a Game Boy adaptation of the NES game Shadow of the Ninja.[1] The Nagoya division of Natsume, which developed Shadow of the Ninja, also developed Ninja Gaiden Shadow.




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