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This project seeks to improve the overall quality of articles on the site.

Purpose of the Project[]

The Purpose of this project is to improve the content of the articles whether by adding images, adding text or just doing small things like adding infoboxes.

How to Participate[]

To participate, add your name to any of the articles or projects listed below and mark it *incomplete*. Once you have completed the task, come back in here and change the *incomplete* to *needs checking for completion*. An Administrator will come and mark it as complete after inspecting it to make sure it is complete. Please only one user sign up for any one task. If you find a page in need of any particular help, see the here.


This site has many new infoboxes available. Below is a list of them. By signing up for one of them, you must place that infobox on all pages that need it.

Character template(This is a big task so up to three users can sign up for this one)

Fiend template

Greater Fiend template

Location template

Weapon template

Secondary Weapon template

Needs Restructuring[]

Many pages will need to be restructured to fit the new Manual of Style and Policies. The biggest offenders are listed below however just about every page will need to be looked over.




Completed Articles[]