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The Grammar Corner is a place where a group of users can get together and help maintain the wiki by keeping it free of incorrect grammar, syntax, tenses and the like.

Associate Members[]

If you want to help the group out please sign up right here. All members are required to be active on the wiki and participate in Grammar Corner work. Non contributing members will be given two months before their name is removed.


For a full page grammar edit, copy the page into Microsoft word, run the page through a spell check and judge whether or not the change it is telling you to make is actually a correct change. If so, go back into the actual article and make the change. Once you have gone through the spell check, give it a read through and make sure that everything flows and that you did not miss anything.

  • Please maintain the History sections of articles in the past tense. All other sections of an article should be placed in present tense.
  • Convention is a tricky thing but if you can please use American convention, otherwise change every instance on a page to the convention that you know.

List of Articles in need of work[]

All articles not listed as completed should be reviewed for grammatical error. Any article that is in particular need of special attention will be listed here.

List of Articles Partially Completed[]

Work completed in one area or another but not entirely finished.

List of Articles Completed[]

Work that has been completed but will be under review for possible grammar, syntax and tense mistakes.