Ryu wielding the Nunchuku

The Nunchaku, or "Nunchucks", are a pair of hardened sticks connected by a chain.

Location: In Chapter 4, found on dead ninja corpse in Tairon to the very left of the main plaza with Muramasa's shop. You start with it in your inventory on higher difficulties or when using the hurricane packs. This non-upgradable weapon is fast and cool to use, but isn't very practical. There is a far better weapon with similar (but more deadly) properties. This one's for nostalgic purposes only.


Like the Tonfas the Nunchaku are said to be traditional Ryukyu weapons from the Okinawa islands, originating around the peroid when Japan conquered the Ryukyu Kingdom in 1609, through an expedition force led by the Satsuma Daimyo. With possession of weapons outlawed by their overlords, the Ryukyu natives are said to have developed the Nunchaku as well as the Tonfas and the Martial Arts style known as Te. Theories suggests that the Nunchaku were originally either flails used to thresh rice and soybeans or horse bridles joined together. Another theory suggests its origin in China, as a variation of the 2 section staff.

Up until its popularization in martial arts films, possession of the Nunchaku is illegal in many western countries and censored out of media such as the European version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes renamed Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles due to the controversy around the deadly Ninja. The Nunchuku is also often portrayed in Western pop culture as a favorite weapon of the Ninja, although like Karate it did not reach Japan until the early 1900s.

Moves List Edit


  • Dragon and Phoenix: X,X, X, X, X, X
    ICONS Melee Nunchucks PNG

    NG1: Nunchaku

  • Fire Pit: X, X, Y
  • Wide Heavens: X, Y
  • Sweeping Kick: Right, X
  • Flame Wheel: Y, Y
  • Auspicious Crane: Hold Y
  • Auspicious Phoenix: Hold Y (Ultimate Technique)
  • Gathering Clouds: Holy Y (Ultimate Technique, 2 Essences)
  • Earth Slide: While Running X
  • Thunderclap Kick: While Running Y
  • Ring of Heaven Kick (Scroll): While Blocking X or Y
  • Demon Chaser: Next to Downed Enemy Y

While Jumping

  • Sweeping Strike: X
  • Dragon Emperor Kick: Y
  • Guillotine Throw (Throw/Scroll): Near an Enemy Y


  • Hell Drop: During Flying Bird Flip X or Y
  • Mountain Crane: During Flying Bird Flip X, Y or Y, Y

In Water

  • Aqua Thrust: Floating on Surface X or Y
  • Water Formation Kick: Underwater X or Y


  • In Dead or Alive 4, there is a friendly nunchaku off battle between Jann Lee and Ryu Hayabusa, which resembled the battle between Billy Lo (Bruce Lee) & Pasqual (Dan Inosanto) in the movie directed by Robert Clouse, The Game of Death.
  • The Nunchuku is the main weapon used by Murai.
  • From 1972-1978, Bruce Lee has made the nunchaku a popular weapon in Fists of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, & even his incomplete movie, The Game of Death".