Shadow Ninja Clan

The Shadow Ninja Clan Symbol

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Known Members
Murai (Founder, Leader, and Clan Master; Deceased)
Ayane (Formerly)
Defunct/Disbanded (after Murai's Death)

The Shadow Ninja Clan is a defunct clan of evil Ninja foot soldiers created, taught, and led by the deceased Murai (a.k.a The Dark Disciple). While training, Ryu fights his way through the Shadow Clan's former fortress in the first chapter of Ninja Gaiden. Murai, who was Ryu's maternal uncle, was expelled from the Dragon Ninja Clan for unknown reasons and started his own clan, the Shadow Ninja Clan, who are on neutral terms with the Dragon Ninja Clan.  


The Former Headquarters of the Shadow Clan is the Shadow Clan Ninja Fortress.  After Murai's death, the clan disbanded, as seen by the headquarter's state of abandonment (or left to rot uninhabited) in Ninja Gaiden II.

Ninja Class typesEdit

  • (Brown) Lesser Shadow Foot Soldier
  • (White) Greater Shadow Foot Soldier

Although Black Spider foot soldiers and Windmill foot soldiers can be fought within the Shadow Clan Ninja Fortress on higher difficulties, they are almost certainly not official members of the Shadow Ninja Clan.


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