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Sky City Tokyo
Hayabusa in sky city tokyo.jpg
Name Sky City Tokyo
Location Japan
Debut Ninja Gaiden II

 Sky City Tokyo (東京摩天楼 Tōkyō Matenrō?, "Tokyo Skyscraper") is the fictional depiction of modern day Japan ranging from traditional to the highly technological it is also the setting for the beginning of Ninja Gaiden II. The city has numerous highways that are flooded with cars and has many hovercraft that roam through its airspace.

The city contains many alleyways, chasms, and many climbable buildings of which Ryu must either make his way across or ascend to the top. In these areas Ryu will also encounter vicious enemies most notably the Black Spider Ninja Clan who try to ambush him during his progression.

The first boss of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is encountered at throughout the stage, a massive Buddha Statue that rampages throughout the city wrecking havoc.




  • Interestingly, Muramasa has a shop in the city suggesting he moved out of his former shop in Vigoor.