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NG1 Tairon Map.jpg
Name Tairon
Location Holy Vigoor Empire
Affiliation Vigoor
Debut Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Description of the city[]

The capital city of the Holy Vigoor Empire, Tairon is an ancient city invaded by Ryu Hayabusa during the events of the Dark Dragon Blade Incident. The city combines the vibe of a historical city with many commodities of a modern town.

Tairon has several points of interest and offers different services for it´s denizens. Here, the main symbols of Vigoor´s political and spiritual power are found: the Vigoor Monastery and the mysterious Palace, located in the Zarkhan district. Also an important Military Supply base is found, which serves as both headquarters for the Vigoorian Military, as a vital communications center (thanks to the communications antenna, which serves the entire command) and as a parking space for many military vehicles (tanks, choppers and a suplly train). The city is also place for a famous entertainment venue: Han´s Bar, a local pub. Also, the famed blacksmith and weapon expert Muramasa has his store in here.

The city is quite populated, and many residential complexes have been built around these important spots. The citizens have electrical service, and count on a vast aqueduct line. As for the transportation services, Tairon uses the airship for international connections and a railroad system for local and national trips, cars are apparently not used in this city. Also, we don´t have any kind of suburbia.

Tairon is apparently a lively place, but due to the vast increase of fiend attacks (motivated by the evil presence of the blade) and the serious danger of the ninja invasion, most of the city´s population decided to not leave home (evidenced by the lights on the windows seen during the first night), at least while the danger passed by. Said curfew is also a normal policy in this kind of cases, since during the Dark Dragon Blade incident the streets were crowded with police and soldiers, and just a few brave civilians, who were in the bar shortly before Ryu´s arrival.

The city is an architectural mixture of several Middle-Eastern influences: Byzantine, Turkish and some Arab. For a capital city, Tairon seems to lack many services of modern cities (like hospitals, schools, universities, malls and media companies), but it´s debatable whether Ryu visited the whole city or just an historical district.

With the death of the Vigoor Emperor, and the destruction of the feinds, the city was left abandoned. All Vigoorian citizens living in the area either died or went missing entirely. As of right now, Rachel is the only known surviving Vigoorian left.