The Barbarian
Race Human
Nationality QcBB9kpc5Brazilian
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Malice Four
Occupation Assassin
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A

The Barbarian (バーバリアン; Bābarian) is the fist of the Malice Four assassins. Known as the Executioner of South America, and feared by the natives, the Barbarian uses the Amazon rainforests of Brazil as his hideout.[1]Although his weapon, according to the instruction manual, claims to be a huge ax, it looks more like a scimitar instead. The easiest of the bosses. Ryu encounters him inside Jay's Bar.



  1. "The First of the 'Malice Four' who will cut anything to shreds that gets in it's way. Lives deep in the forest of Brazil which he uses as his hideout. The natives are scared to death of this killer. Known as the executioner of South America. He attacks his enemy by ferociously swinging a huge ax." - Ninja Gaiden Instruction Manual