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The Goddess
The Goddess.png
The Goddess
Race Deity
Gender Female
Relatives Canna (template)
Saya (celluar template)
Ryu Hayabusa (blood template)
Affiliations Formerly Lords of Alchemy
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden 3

The Goddess is a deity created by the Lords of Alchemy after fusing Canna with an Egg of God, the cells of Saya, the blood of Ryu Hayabusa, and a purified version of the Dragon Sword.[1] She acts as the final boss of Ninja Gaiden 3 and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.


The Goddess is a massive being, taller than an average skyscraper, with its body in the shape of a nude woman with gray skin adorned with golden alchemical markings and runes over her legs, torso, belly, shoulders, neck and arms, while its head is a massive mechanical apparatus with a large point, as is much larger and wider than its own chest, a plain, expressionless infant face engraved on it, while a small dome above the forehead contains a sleeping Canna inside. Large vertebrae/cloth like extensions emerge from the sides of the head and glow with bright golden lines similar to the markings across the Goddess's body.


The Goddess displays no true personality, and is only seen running rampant across Japan, laying waste to all it comes across with its energy blasts and strikes from the Dragon Sword, seemingly only desiring to fulfil its duty of destroying the world so it can create a new one as commanded by the Lords of Alchemy. When battling Ryu, it does scream and shake in a furious rage frequently before attacking.


Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge[]

The creation of the Goddess is the ultimate goal of the Lords of Alchemy through the events of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, being the fruit of their research and their tool to create a new world through destroying the current. The grandson of the Lords C.E.O. Ashtear Higgins, Cliff Higgins originally intended to use Saya as the base for their Goddess, but Saya refused to participate after falling in love with Cliff's brother, Theodore Higgins. This halted the organization's plans, until their daughter, Canna, was born, and she was deemed a better, "purer" source.

Theodore and Saya were killed in an arranged accident, with Canna being adopted by Saya's sister Mizuki McCloud afterwards, and Theodore secretly resurrected by Cliff, his memories wiped and placed under the control of the Lords of Alchemy as their agent and mouthpiece, the Regent of the Mask. Cells from Saya's body were also harvested to use in the creation process, presumably as part of the Lords of Alchemy's creation, the Egg of God.

Two final ingredients were needed to complete the Goddess: The blood of the Dragon Lineage, and the Dragon Sword. To obtain both of these, the Lords of Alchemy launched a series of terrorist attacks across Britain, demanding Ryu Hayabusa's presence. There, the Regent of the Mask placed the Slavic curse on the ninja, the Grip of Murder, which absorbed the Dragon Sword into Ryu's afflicted arm and began the task of inflicting the pain and suffering of those Ryu had cut down with the sword upon him, thus slowly purifying the sword for their purposes.

After gaining samples of Ryu's blood during his brief capture at the Lords biolab, Cliff kidnapped Canna and brought her to the Black Narwhal, where she was placed in an incubator for an Egg of God. There, Ryu dueled the Regent of the Mask once again and seemingly cut him down, revealing he was Canna's presumed deceased father, Theodore, under Cliff's control the whole time. A horrified Canna called Ryu a murderer, and began to transform just as the ninja was overcome by the Grip of Murder, Cliff extracted the purified Dragon Sword from his body, declaring it the only weapon fit for a goddess, and gave it to Canna, who had begun to transform into the Goddess, a titanic being of unparalleled power and durability, the Dragon Sword growing in proportion as well in her grasp.

Laying waste to the military attack helicopters and destroyer class battleships, the Goddess made its way to make landfall on Japan, presumed by Mizuki because Canna was trying to go home due to Ryu saying she had lost herself. While they followed her, Ryu briefly runs across Muramasa, who warns him that due to Canna's innocence, even if he were to take back the Dragon Sword, it may not be able to strike down the Goddess due to the Blade only harming those who are truly evil.

The Goddess rampaged through the city, destroying buildings with the Dragon Sword, while unleashing blasts of energy that created crystal constructs that unleashed artificial Fiends upon the populace. Ryu and Mizuki chased after the Goddess, hoping to rescue Canna, and faced a mutated Cliff before being saved by a still alive Theodore, who cut down his brother with intent to reclaim his daughter. Ryu and Theodore went to face the Goddess, only for Theodore to attack Ryu, unwilling to let the Dragon Ninja cut her down with the Blade of the Archfiend, the only weapon powerful enough to match the Dragon Sword, but as a cursed weapon of evil, made no distinction of who it was used to cut down. The two dueled a final time, and though Ryu fatally wounded Theodore, in truth Theodore had wanted to free Ryu from the Grip of Murder curse before beseeching him to save his daughter.

Ryu would face the Goddess, and while he was able to wound her grievously with the Blade of the Archfiend, the Goddess was capable of regenerating any bodily wound Ryu could inflict, which forced the ninja to focus his attacks on the Goddess's head, where he would strike and impale the Blade of the Archfiend several times during their battle. The Goddess used the giant Dragon Sword and numerous artificial Fiends to oppose Ryu, until the two locked their swords in a final struggle that saw both blades shatter. While the Blade of the Archfiend was lost, the Dragon Sword was returned to its normal size and reclaimed by Ryu, who combined it with the Eye of the Dragon to unleash the True Dragon Sword's power.

Ryu used the True Dragon Sword to cut the Goddess in half from the head down, the True Dragon Sword sparing Canna's life and putting an end to the Lords of Alchemy's false god. All the creatures created by the Goddess during its rampage disintegrated into dust upon its death.

Powers & Abilities[]

Created from a combination of advanced technology, biotechnology, and ancient magic and alchemy, The Goddess is the LOA's most dangerous biological weapon, and is their ultimate weapon and means of destroying and recreating the world.

  • Strength: The goddess has immense supernatural strength. With its raw power, it can break a skyscraper with ease. When its power is applied into the Dragon Sword, it is able to break the Blade of the Archfiend, a legendary mystical sword which power is on par with the True Dragon Sword.
  • Durability: The goddess has immense superhuman durability, with complete immunity to modern fire arms and artillery and can withstand a full bombardment from military vehicles such as tanks and jets with absolutely no damage at all, and it took the immensely powerful Blade of the Archfiend augmented by Ryu's tremendous strength to be able cause any sort of significant damage.
  • Energy Blast: The Goddess can shoot a multitude of these energy blasts to create a shower that can cause significant damage.
  • Monster Creation: From the pink crystal substance, the Goddess can literally summon or create monsters to battle for it.
  • Regeneration: The Goddess has immense regeneration abilities which she uses to easily heal herself through alchemy, when Ryu completely sliced the left side of her body. This is also seen in battle, when Ryu cuts her left arm several times but to no visible result, making her head her only weakness.
  • Energy Field: The Goddess can create a massive barrier around herself. She also seems to be capable of using her own energy to jam into Helicopters, rendering them unable to function and thus plummet to the ground.
  • Agility: Despite her colossal size, she's quite swift, as evidenced by her use of the Dragon Sword in which she was capable of fast swings, which, given her size, are just as lethal.



  • In Chapter Challenge, in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, you don't fight The Goddess as final boss, instead the chapter ends with the fight against the Regent of the Mask.


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