The Goddess
The Goddess
Race Human/Deity
Gender Female
Relatives Theodore (father)
Saya (mother, deceased)
Mizuki (aunt/adoptive mother)
Cliff (uncle)
Ashtear (great-grandfather)
The Lords of Alchemy Insignia
Lords of Alchemy
Rank Goddess
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden 3

The Goddess is LOA's doomsday biological weapon and the form which Canna takes after being fused with an Egg of God and gaining the purified Dragon Sword. It takes the appearance of a woman whose head looks like the Egg with strains of energy spurting out of it. The Egg of God also contains Ryu's Dragon Ninja blood, extracted from him earlier by Cliff and Lovelace. This allows the Goddess to use the Dragon Sword without it harming her. The only thing that can defeat the Goddess is the True Dragon Sword, when the blade is combined with the Eye of the Dragon. At the end of the game, Ryu slays the Goddess, but does not kill Canna, as the True Dragon Sword deems her innocent and does no harm to her.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Created from a combination of advanced technology and ancient magic and alchemy. The Goddess is the LOA's most dangerous biological weapon, it cannot be hurt or killed by modern weapons and can make a crystal-like substance wherever she walks. She also bears the Dragon Sword that she uses to cut and smash through buildings.

Strength: The goddess has immense supernatural strength. With its raw power, it can break a skyscraper with ease. When its power is applied into the Dragon Sword,it is able to break the Blade of the Archfiend, a legendary mystical sword which power is on par with the True Dragon Sword.

Durablity: The goddess has immense superhuman durability, with complete immunity to modern fire arms and artillery and can withstand a full bombardment from military vehicles such as tanks and jets with absolutely no damage at all, and it took the immensely powerful Blade of the Archfiend augmented by Ryu's tremendous strength to be able cause any sort of significant damage.

Energy Blast: The Goddess can shoot a multitude of these energy blasts to create a shower that can cause significant damage.

Monster Creation: From the pink crystal substance, the Goddess can literally summon or create monsters to battle.

Regeneration: The Goddess has immense regeneration abilities which she uses to easily heal herself through pixelization, when Ryu completely sliced the left side of her body. This is also seen in battle, when Ryu cuts her left arm several times but to no visible result, making her head her only weakness.

Energy Field: The Goddess can create a massive barrier around herself. She also seems to be capable of using her own energy to jam into Helicopters, rendering them unable to function and thus plummet to the ground.

Agility: Despite her colossal size, she's quite swift, as evidenced by her use of the Dragon Sword in which she was capable of fast swings, which, given her size, are just as lethal.


  • In Chapter Challenge, in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, you don't fight The Goddess as final boss, instead the chapter ends with the fight against the Regent of the Mask.