Van Gelf
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Race: Fiend (Demon)
Rank: Grunt
Debut: Ninja Gaiden II

Van Gelfs make up the bulk of the Vazdah Sect of Fiends, as such they are common demons encountered numerous times in Ninja Gaiden 2.


Van Gelf appear as demon like creature with large tusks and curved horns, their limbs and torso are noticeably thin. There are types of Van Gelf, the flightless earth bound Van Gelfs, and the winged Van Gelfs that are usually more powerful. There are also 3 different tiers of Van Gelf, differentiated by the color with the lowest ranking as purple, followed by green, then by the golden yellow Van Gelf at the top of the tier.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Van Gelf Punch: Using their brute strength, their melee attacks consists mostly of punching attacks (maximum of 3 hits).

Pounce: Van Gelf can jump a long distance landing on their victim, anyone caught in the pounce will be pulverized with multiple punches. Players can mash buttons to break off earlier.

Fireballs: The projectile attack of the Van Gelfs, spitting fireballs at their enemies from a distance.

Fire Breath: Spraying a breath of fire in front of them, burning anything caught in the flame. Van Gelfs also have a grab move where they use the Fire Breath on an enemy they are holding in their hand.

Flight: Only Van Gelfs with wings are able to fly. Those are capable of performing powerful diving attacks.


Ninja Gaiden 2/Sigma 2Edit

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Van Gelf losing part of its arm

Van Gelfs are first encountered in New York, in Sigma 2 they are not seen until mid way through when the streets break open and one crawls out eating a bat. In Sigma 2 this is a golden winged ​​​Van Gelf, in Ninja Gaiden II, it is a normal purple Van Gelf. Van Gelfs are then later encountered numerous time, making up the bulk of the Fiend forces. In the later chapters they are seen gathering in masses for demonic rituals lead by Dagra Dai.

Ninja Gaiden 3/Razor's EdgeEdit

While they do not appear in Story Mode, they appear alongside with some Flare Shadow Demons in some Ninja Trials. In Razor's Edge, however, they appear in the Story Mode at higher difficulties.


  • Van Gelfs are powerful enemies outsizing Ryu, but they are vulnerable to obliteration techniques. Dismember them any way and finish them off with an obliteration technique. Heavy attacks have a high rate of dismemberment, however Incendiary Shuriken are a guarantee dismemberment for a more direct approach.
  • They are a little harder to kill in Ninja Gaiden 3 due to the dismemberment system being absent. But overall use the same strategy from the second game applies.
  • In Razor's Edge Van Gelves are much harder to dismember or stun out of attacks, in addition to dealing heavy damage fairly quickly. It is recommended that when faced with multiple enemies at the same time one focuses on the Van Gelves.