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Race Greater Fiend/Werewolf
Nationality N/A
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Vazdah
Rank Greater Fiend/Werewolf Leader
Title Invincible Ruler of Storms
Personal Status
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden II
Japanese Voice Daisuke Gori
English Voice Darran Norris

Volf, The Invincible Ruler of Storms (嵐のヴォルフ; Arashi no Volf; Volf of the Storms) and one of the Five Greater Fiends of Vazdah, was a vicious, four-armed warrior who seeks an opponent worthy of himself. He used to lead his Werewolf Lycanthrope underlings, until his defeat by Ryu Hayabusa.


In Mythic times the Greater Fiend Volf ruled over a region in modern day Europe, known as the Aqua Capital. As with many of the other Greater Fiends, Volf claimed an ancient tribe of humans for himself. This tribe would be known as the Lycanthropic Tribe who eagerly worshipped and served their Master Volf as they waged wars to enslave the human populace. Eventually Volf was defeated and sealed away in eternal slumber by the ancient Dragon Lineage.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2[]

In modern times, Volf's seal was broken by Elizébet and the Demon Statue, and the descendants of powerful Lycanthropes' bloodlines reawakened as well. He quickly regained control of his tribe and laid claim to the Eclipse Scythe; a weapon created from the sacrificed remains of an overthrown Lycanthrope King forged in Wootz steel, and bathed in the blood of countless human beings. Volf reestablished his rule of the Lycanthrope Castle, turning the Gothic castle into an evil fortress, and making sport out of hunting the human survivors. Volf grew bored with watching weak opponents, and ordered his Lycanthrope servants to seek out a worthy foe. He soon sensed the new Dragon Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, and invited him to fight. Preparing the coliseum as a stage to battle the Dragon Ninja, and with his tribal weapon the Eclipse Scythe in hand, he advanced to kill Ryu in a duel to the death. Despite his incredible bestial rage and destructive power, Volf was defeated and Ryu claimed the Eclipse Scythe for himself.

Volf, later resurrected in Hell, no longer fought Ryu for fun, but in vengeance and to stop him before he could destroy the Archfiend. Volf attacked with an army of Fiend Centaurs and a makeshift bone-scythe to replace his lost Eclipse Scythe, but was defeated again, this time permanently as his body turned to stone and crumbled away, allowing Ryu to acquire the Heart of the Bestial Storms.


  • Storm manipulation: Volf was able to raise large-scale strong storm winds at Aqua Capital. He could emit sharp winds with his hands that could cut his foes into pieces. This was further amplified by the Eclipse Scythe.
  • Melee Attacks: Volf had several combination attacks, all of which had brutal strength but left him vulnerable. Additionally, was also proficient and grappling his opponents.
  • Stomp: Volf was able to jump very high up in the air and land on his enemies.
  • Charge: Volf was able to charge toward his opponents very fast and was further able to grab his opponents out of the charge.
  • Ultimate Technique: Volf was able to use the Eclipse Scythe's ultimate technique, creating a shock wave through the ground.


  • "Do you wish his blood spilled? Who do you wish to see destroy him?" - Volf asking his werewolves about his upcoming battle with Ryu.
  • "Behold! Observe closely this human. Do not be deceived by his delicate appearance. He is a proven warrior! YES. Volf! Invincible Ruler of Storms! He shall be given an honorable... death!"- Volf taunting Ryu in front of his werewolves.
  • "You shall kneel before the true might of the Greater Fiends! Infernal Abyss Annihilation! " - Volf angered when challenged by Ryu a second time.
  • "This bores me... So fragile, the lot of them, so weak! I cannot stand another minute of this tedium! You will find me a mighty adversary! You will bring before me an opponent worthy of I, Volf, Greater Fiend, and Ruler of Storms! Accomplish this and you shall be made ruler of this land!" - Volf to himself about the werewolves skills, then giving them orders.
  • "Most Impressive, That a puny human like you made it this far is worthy of praise. I have prepared a venue befitting a duel to the death, Not Here...Come, We shall fight in the sacred battle ground of the coliseum."- To Ryu after entering his room.
  • "Finally a worthy adversary has entered my castle...Excellent he should be given the most fitting welcome." - Spotting Ryu from his castle



  • Volf is one of the Four Greater Fiends of Supreme Archfiend Vazdah along with Elizébet, Zedonius, and Alexei.
  • He is the original wielder of the Eclipse Scythe.
  • He is the leader of the Lycanthrope Tribe of Werewolf Fiends.
  • In contrast with the other Fiends he respects Ryu's abilities.
  • He and Zedonius are the only Greater Fiends to have four arms.
  • According to the part of the NG2 documentary, when creating a video game the developers usually create the story first and then the monsters are created second to support that story. But the developer artists had created such compelling monsters (such as Volf), that they were included and then parts of the story were built for them.
    • Taking this into account, it appears as if Volf was originally conceived as a scientifically created/enhanced monster that was created in a large glass container, but later his character was changed into becoming one of the four greater fiends. If you look at the official artwork of Volf he has several inconsistencies with his final design, he seems to have several small broken plastic medical tubes sticking out of his body, metal bands around his arms / legs / waist, and wields a broken piece of metal as a weapon (versus a scythe-like weapon he is known for). Further, one concept art sketch implies he was inside a giant glass container with machinery all about, as if he were to break out of the glass for an appearance (breaking any medical plastic tubes that were potentially connected to him).
  • He reappears in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge as one of the Test of Valor's bosses for Day 2. Sound files have changed while it replaced by Paracelsius Fiends/Baphomets during this fight.