Yaiba Kamikaze is a character file found in Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, in the first chapter. It pertains to Yaiba Kamikaze and it is written from the perspective of Miss Monday.


I pulled some choice nuggets from your Interpol file. Fascinating reading.

  • "After exile from his clan, Yaiba became a nomad, bouncing between various ninja clans, mercenary groups and crime syndicates troughout Japan and Southeast Asia, developing a highly improvisational fighting style."
  • "His trademark weapon is the Tempest Blade, which dates from the Muromachi Period and which was forged by the weapons master of the ruling Ashikaga Shogunate." You never told me you were walking around with a friggin' museum piece. Too bad it got cut in half - could have put it online.
  • "Hayabusa demanded the Tempest Blade from Yaiba in keeping with his clan's tradition of safeguarding potentially dangerous relics. Yaiba would not surrender the katana." Ooh, I didn't know that part. I though you went after him after he pissed on your rug or something.
  • "Yaiba is presumed dead." HAH, they got that one right. Sort of.