Yuki Kamikaze
Race Human
Nationality Japanesse
Gender Female
Relatives Yaiba Kamikaze (brother)
Professional Status
Affiliation Kamikaze Ninja Clan
First Appearance
Debut Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z #1

Yuki Kamikaze was the sister of Yaiba Kamikaze and a kunoichi of Kamikaze Ninja Clan


Yuki was a kunoichi of Kamikaze Ninja Clan who liked to tease her brother Yaiba on his inability to use Ninpo. One day, as Yaiba was training in meditation along with the younger members of the clan in order to gain the necessary prowess to cast Ninpo, Yuki foiled his attempts at concentration, sending Yaiba into a rage where he ended up mortally wounding her. After realizing his mistake, Yaiba ran to his father carrying the half-dead Yuki. There he was informed that it was already too late. Yaiba suggested the use of a Ninpo cared for by the clan that could revive her. This was rejected by the elders of the clan, including their father, because it would bring disgrace to her tuning her into a "zombie". Yaiba, still determined on reviving Yuki, obtained the scroll and returned, only to find the village elders had already beheaded Yuki in order to prevent the use of the healing Ninpo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Substitution Ninpo: Yuki had the ability to replace herself with another object, making enemies strike at it instead of her.